Supreme Court Showdown Over Sunday Sabbath Could Change Workplaces Across US

I wrote a blog highlighting this supreme court case a couple of months ago, but it seems to be picking up even more steam. Gerald Groff, from Lancaster County, Pa. resigned from his USPS mail delivery job (because he could no longer get Sunday’s off) has sued the United States Postal Service, and the case is going to the Supreme court. ABC News covered this story.

In my earlier post, I highlighted how Sunday is not the Christian sabbath. Sunday keeping is a tradition that comes from the Vatican. If we are claiming to be true Christians, we cannot show obedience to the anti-Christian power of the Roman Catholic Church. We are protestants. We are protesting against the satanic doctrines, ceremonies, and traditions that originated and are found within the Vatican.

Gerald Groff was forced by his employer (USPS) to “choose between practicing his faith or a paycheck distributing packages, and he resigned.”

“I want to own what I believe and live that out for God,” Groff said in an interview with ABC News.

Experts say that: “The case has the potential to transform workplaces — and the employer-employee relationship — across America

ABC News went on to say: “Next week, Groff will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to require employers to be more accommodating of religiously observant workers, including a right to skip shifts on the Sabbath and still keep their jobs.”

“Unwilling to compromise his faith, Groff transferred to a smaller post office nearby — one that had just four carriers and still did not work on Sundays. But as demand for Amazon deliveries continued to grow, he eventually could not avoid Sunday assignments.’

‘Groff chose to skip 24 Sunday shifts over two years, according to court documents. He said splitting the day — attending worship services while also picking up a shift — was not an option.’

“I told my supervisor, ‘It’s the Lord’s day. It’s not the Lord’s morning,’” Groff said.’

As time passes, more and more news articles, stories, and court cases will be brought to the forefront of the American people by powers of darkness as one of the main headlining issues across the Unites States. As satan stirs the people against God’s commandments, the opposers of truth will become more bitter and hostile, rejecting light that heaven gives them.

This world is being cultivated and prepared for the mark of the beast. Everywhere we look, whether that be articles about Sunday sacredness, a cashless society, or the recent planned-demic that happened, is leading and amounting to a final string of chaotic, prophetic, and inevitable events which leads to the second advent of Christ.

Is your heart ready for the glorious return of Christ?

See the full ABC News video:

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