Portuguese Catholics Fight To Bring Back The “Work-Free Sunday”

The Christian Network Europe stated on March 6th, 2023, that “A Catholic organisation in Portugal wants to revive the idea of a “work-free Sunday”.”

They went on the state: “The Liga Operária Católica (LOC/MTC) said to Ecclesia that the “work-free Sunday” is a necessary measure to protect the lives of families.”

“The fight for a work-free Sunday, more than fair, is necessary, so that there is family life for everyone! So that families, all workers, can live together and fraternize and build a fairer and more solidary world,” the organisation said.”

While much of Portugal sees the Sunday as a rest day, many businesses continue to keep their doors open. Retail and service sector workers are often left with little choice in taking off Sundays in their schedules. According to Belzuz, a law firm that operates in Spain and Portugal, current labour laws state that an employee can designate one “rest day” in the week. However, in many cases, the “rest day” cannot be on a Sunday, where it is “not required to close or suspend its operations for a full day during the week or obliged to close or suspend operations other than Sunday.”

“The complex nature of Portugal’s labour laws has led to the intervention of its Supreme Court. According to a 20minutos report from last November, the Supreme Court released parents from the responsibility of working on weekends, including Sundays.”

As the times are ‘speeding up’, and the end draws closer, satan know’s he only has so much time to get his demonic agenda done.

The enforcement of mandatory Sunday laws is one of the main agenda’s at which he is striving. All the world will comply to this agenda. However, obedient Christians will not.

It is also important to note that the Christian Network Europe is a Protestant News network. The uniting of Catholics and Protestants was prophesied to happen. They are joining hands with each other.

Proverbs 11:21 “Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished: but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered.”

Just as the Jewish people, who believed themselves to be the true Israel of God, persecuted and killed the early church at the time of Christ; so too will fallen Protestants and Catholics believe themselves to be the true church of God, and persecute and kill true Christians who keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. History will repeat.

Again and again we can see the idea of “Work-free Sundays” and the Sunday being a day for no work and relaxation as a worldwide belief. But, it is our duty, as Christians, to let the people know the truth on this matter: The seventh day Sabbath is Friday sundown to Saturday sundown, and Sunday is nothing more than a common work day.



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