The Atlantic Says ‘Every Sunday, We Swore To Each Other, We Will Abstain From Work’

On February 26th 2023, Jason Heller, the author of the article, explains why he and his wife take Sundays off. He speaks of the benefits, and, why they, a non-religious couple, will do anything to protect this day.

The Atlantic article states:

“A few years ago, my wife, Angie, and I made a pact: Every Sunday, we swore to each other, we will abstain from work. And we kept our promise: On the second day of each weekend, we start our morning and end our night by bingeing TV in bed. In the middle of the day, we binge TV on the couch, taking breaks exclusively to nap or read.”

Lazy Sunday, as Angie and I like to call it, is hardly a revolutionary idea. A weekly time of rest is, after all, an ancient staple of several religions. And the five-day workweek has been the standard in the U.S. since the Great Depression.”

Angie and I shouldn’t need to actively protect our one day off, to make it a ritual—but sadly, we do. Even without explicit orders to work through the week, rest time can feel indulgent or unnatural.”

“Now I’m lucky enough to have an office job, but I use Saturdays for freelance writing. The instinct to hustle—whether for success or just survival—is hard to shake.”

Although Angie and I aren’t religious, we really do think of our secular day of rest as sacred; that’s why we take pains to protect it, even when it means turning down some career opportunities or the next week being a little more stressful. When you take away all the tasks you might feel pressed to do on a Sunday, what you’re left with isn’t an absence. It’s an opening.”

Firstly, I want to point out the fact that even though Jason and his wife, Angie, are not religious, they still will do what it takes to protect their Sunday as a day of rest and relaxation.

This is a great example of how every one from every background, religion, and culture, will eventually accept the Mark of the Vatican Beast. The exaltation of the Sunday will be and is on a steep rise.

Satan crafts his schemes to snare the multitudes; to each taste, every ungodly passion, and carnal natural feeling that goes contrary to the will of God will he use. He watches for our weaknesses and uses them agianst us.

That is why we are instructed to:

1 Peter 4:7 “But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.”

Antiquity does not change the lost sight of fact that Christ, the Apostles, the early church after Christ rose from the dead, kept the seventh day sabbath, which is modern day Saturday, not Sunday. Yet, the whole world seems to believe otherwise.

But, our faith and belief is in God, and His Holy Scriptures, not this corrupt world that tramples upon the law of Jehovah!

Acts 5:29 “We ought to obey God rather than men.”

But we know, from the miraculous prophetic vision given thousands of years ago in the Bible, that Sunday laws will come. Rejoice with me; Gods Word is perfectly coming to pass!!

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