Pentagon Group to test the water on “Sunday closing” as it seeks to improve work-life balance of staff 

“Pentagon said the three-month trial would ‘explore how this works for our staff and customers’, and would effectively move the company from a 5 ½-day sales working rota to a five-day cycle.”

“Our own experience parallels recent findings of industry-wide surveys that show the number of people shopping seriously for cars on a Sunday is now down to around just eight per cent of the weekly total.”

“In these times of national need for energy conservation and restraint, this seems an additional win for us all.”

“Its move follows on the heels of Burrows Motor Company doing the same thing on a permanent basis.” (Note: this article even calls Sunday the “seventh day” when it is not)

“Pentagon Group’s initial LinkedIn post announcing the move drew widespread praise.” [1]

Week by week, month by month, the entire world is preparing for Sunday Law enforcement. Regardless of the motivation behind it,—in this case a better “work-life” balance and rest—Sunday closures and less and less work being performed on Sundays are being discussed. Why not choose another day? Why not choose Saturday? Or Monday for that matter? Because friends, remember, it must be the Sunday that will be ordained by the world. Christian prophecy will not fail. The Mark of the Beast will be enforced.



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