Tourism-Dependent Roman Catholic Croatia Moving to Ban Sunday Shopping; Giving Retailers Just 16 Sunday’s to Remain Open

On December 1st, 2022, the Straits Times reported:

Tourism-dependent Croatia is moving to ban shopping on all but 16 Sundays of a year, giving retailers the right to decide when they would use the exemption. We want to make it possible for retail employees to spend Sundays with their families,” the government said on Twitter on Thursday.”

“The proposal may dent the country’s aspirations for year-round tourism. The predominantly Roman-Catholic nation’s economy is heavily dependent on tourism income. Most retailers are expected to use the exception during summer at the height of the tourist season. Retail stores that are part of airports, bus and train stations, ferries, hotels, gas stations or museums would be completely exempted from the new law.”

Governments, schools, malls, companies, retailers, churches, and policies are all finding common ground with Sunday. The Sunday movement continues to gain more and more ground worldwide.


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