Biden Administration’s Climate Agenda Reflects spirit of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’

On December 9th, 2020, The EarthBeat (A project of national Catholic reporter) reported:

“There is no greater threat to life — human and nonhuman alike — than global climate change.”

“While the outgoing Trump administration has demonstrated nothing but disdain for human and nonhuman life other than its own, the incoming Biden administration is offering us a small sliver of pro-life hope when it comes to climate change, which should be supported and celebrated by Catholics.”

In fact, During Biden’s COP 27 speech he said:

“My friends, I came to the presidency determined to make transformational changes that are needed, that America needs to make and we have to do for the rest of the world, to overcome decades of opposition and obstacles of progress on this issue alone,” Biden said, “to reestablish the United States as a trustworthy and committed global leader on climate. As I stand here before you, we’ve taken enormous strides to achieve that.”

He stated that: “To permanently bend the emissions curve, every nation has needs to step up,” he said. “At this gathering, we must renew and raise our climate ambitions. The United States is acting. Everyone has to act. It’s a duty and responsibility of global leadership.”

Joe Biden also said that: “The climate crisis is about human security, economic security, environmental security, national security and the very life of the planet,”

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, is the one of the foremost leaders of the world who is supporting, pushing forward, and joining arms with Pope Francis’s Laudato Si climate change agenda just as the Bible prophesied.

Under the guise of climate crisis will freedoms and liberties be stripped away. In the days ahead, pay close attention to how the United States speaks on climate change and how they align exactly with the Pope’s goal.

These two world powers; the Vatican & the USA will unite to enforce the Mark of the Beast; Sunday laws.

These are the two beasts of Revelation 13 (find in depth study of these two beasts here)

1st Beast = Vatican/RCC

2nd Beast = USA

This is why you see the United States being the biggest supporter of the Climate Change gospel and the Popes Climate Change Encyclical.

Everything that is happening is going according and in harmony to Bible Prophecy. These are exciting times! The will of God will be done and we can have full confidence in that beautiful promise.

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