Psychology Today Says That We Need a Weekly Day of Rest Due to Wars, Natural Disasters, and Crime or Else We Will Perish

On October 6th, 2022c Psychology Today posts article stating:

“Ancient tradition, now, unfortunately, largely forgotten in the modern world, may give us some strategies to become more resilient. The ideas of the Sabbath and sabbatical have validity to improve the human condition.”

“The Sabbath, “a day of religious observance and abstinence from work”, is really much more than just that abstinence from work in devotion to a God. The Sabbath included time for rest, time for feasting, time for communing, time for spiritual connection, and time for faith. The concept of a Sabbath, an assurance that at least once a week we get to move into safety physiology to heal, be healthy and well, is one of recovery and therefore resilience.”

“A Sabbath or a sabbatical need not have a religious connotation. A secular Sabbath is as valid as a religious one. Spiritual connection and a sense of faith can be found within safety with or without the belief in the constructs of a religion.”

During the onset of the c*vid 19 pandemic we saw the amazing resilience of our planet from just one month of near-total shutdown of human activity. The shutting down of nonessential activities had a remarkably restorative effect for the planet. What if we disconnected from our cars and technologies, devoted time to rest, nourishment, and connection to both each other and nature for one day each week?

“This would take nonessential human activities offline 52 days per year. Adding an annual 7-10 day retreat from our usual ways would allow for a cumulative two months of reduced human activity to facilitate recovery and build resilience not only for us but for the planet.”

“We may not, yet, be ready for these concepts, nor the adjustments to make a better reality. But at some point we will tire of our suffering and perhaps open up to them—or perish.

Sunday Laws are coming VERY SOON, way sooner than you think!

Amos 4:12 KJV
…prepare to meet thy God, O Israel.

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