As G7 begins, The World needs “Climate Sunday’s” and “wild Christians” more than ever

“We are calling on all UK churches – all 50,000 worshiping Christian communities in the UK – to do three things.”

“First, to hold a climate-focused service before COP26. Secondly, to commit to taking further ongoing practical action themselves, through progressing through our A Rocha UK’s Eco Church programme or CAFOD’s Live Simply scheme.”

“Thirdly, we encourage churches to add value to their practical commitments by signing the common Time is Now declaration, calling on the government to commit to go further faster on UK climate action, before hosting the summit.”

“By this combination of practical action locally, and raising our voice together nationally, we can make the biggest possible difference.” [1]

More and more churches joining the steadily increasing Sunday movement.

Ecumenism is on the rise. False peace is prevailing.


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