Two Climate Activists Glued Themselves to the Base of a Famous Sculpture at the Vatican because of Climate Change

“The demonstrators glued themselves to the ancient Roman sculpture “Laocoön and His Sons” housed at the Vatican, the activist group Last Generation said in a statement.

“Our requests. There are two, they are simple and would allow us to take a first step to combat climate change: immediately stop the reopening of disused coal plants and cancel the project of new drilling for the research and extraction of natural gas,” Last Generation said.

“Increase solar and wind energy by at least 20GW this year and create thousands of new jobs in renewable energy, helping fossil workers to find employment in more sustainable jobs.” [1]

People will keep pushing the climate agenda. Interesting to note how this was at the Vatican (the first beast of Revelation) itself, that’s not a mistake.

Activists are trying to get others to “Here the cry of the earth” as Pope Francis would say. Pressing and fighting for a climate “solution” for the world. Yet we know that the disasters, floods, famine, drought, and wars are all signs proclaiming the second advent of the Messiah.

Christian prophecy never fails! 


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