Reviving the Original Spirit of Prophecy Writings: Conclusion

To those readers who may still believe that after seeing the “weight of evidence” in this study document, that the issue of “Book Changes” is unimportant, the following statement from Sr. White’s pen is a plain rebuke, to such spiritually careless and indifferent people.

5th Testimony, p. 434: – “God has given us specific directions so that no one need err. “Man shall not live by bread alone,” He says, “but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” The truth given by inspiration “is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.” Not by one word, not by many words, but by every word that God has spoken, shall man live. You cannot disregard one word, a single injunction that He has given, however trifling it may seem to you, and be safe.” {5T 434.1}

I am certain that all those who will read this study document, will be eventually confronted with the material on the “World Wide Web”, concerning the contradictions and errors in the books and writings which bear Sr. White’s name. (If they have not already been confronted with this material.) Any one in the world can access this material, and the world blames Sr. White for these genuine problems in the “books”. For conservative Seventh-day Adventists to “stick their heads in the sand” and stubbornly defend everything that bears Sr. White’s name as being authentic and inspired, is not facing the genuine evidence fairly and objectively. But the documented evidence outlined in this study paper, gives a simple and logical answer to this issue, without in any way rejecting the inspiration of the “SPIRIT OF PROPHECY” writings.

And let me make it clear; I reject entirely the accusation, which is leveled at me by conservative Seventh-day Adventists, that “you are destroying my faith in the spirit of prophecy books” I simply answer this charge, by asking a very simple question:


I should also state, that over the years since the “CONFLICT” series was published, many different false teachings and “winds of doctrine” have arisen within the ranks of the Sabbath-keeping world. And most of those who have taught (and who are presently teaching) these different “winds of doctrine, use statements which are found in the “CONFLICT” series, as support of their beliefs. The problem is not that these people are necessarily misreading these statements; the problems is, that these statements were not found in the original “BOOKS” at all, and they were edited and inserted by the book compilers, into the “CONFLICT” SERIES. And generations later, the “chickens have come home to roost”, with zealous people reading statements as support of their doctrines, which Sr. White did not write! If you wish to be protected against the “winds of doctrine” blowing today, then study prayerfully from the original “BOOKS”!

In light of the “weight of evidence” which I have put before the reader in the previous Chapter, showing that some unbiblical errors have indeed been inserted into the “CONFLICT” series, which were not found in the original books, the following counsel from Sr. White’s pen is applicable.

5th Testimony. p. 691: – “If the Testimonies speak not according to the word of God, reject them.” {5T 691.2}

I urge the reader to lay aside the “CONFLICT OF THE AGES” series entirely; and to study exclusively from the “SPIRIT OF PROPHECY” series, and “SKETCHES FROM THE LIFE OF PAUL”. If we wish to build our faith on an unsullied foundation, in relation to the “TESTIMONY OF JESUS”, then we can pursue no other course of action.